Strategy – Service Design – UX

I help teams research where customers want to go and then design the services that get them there.


By leveraging my experience in customer research, end-to-end service and UX design, together we can shape products that customers will buy and love.

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I worked with companies large and small including Volkswagen, BMW, Deutsche Bahn and Bosch. Let's talk about how we can turn your unknowns into insights and innovative services.



customer research and product strategy

Find out what your customers really want

People don't buy products. 
They buy what products enable them to do and ultimately become.

I use qualitative interviews, observations, trend research and many other ethnographic methods to help teams understand how, when and why people choose one service over another.

Together we can:

  • Connect the dots between quantitative and qualitative research, so you understand why your customers act and choose the way they do.

  • Empower everybody in your team to use the same vocabulary when they design, build and sell your product.

  • Facilitate strategic decisions to find out what to build next and make your innovation efforts more focused and successful.



Service and ux design, prototyping

Design a holistic service experience that delights your users

The key to great design is not a perfect plan. It is the ability to confront uncertainty with a bold vision, craft and a curious mind.

I have had the privilege to tackle complex challenges in the mobility, smart-manufacturing, healthcare and retail industries – thinking and designing services end-to-end as well as crafting the interfaces of the related apps, websites, cars and machines.


  • Translate user insights into tangible prototypes so you find out what works and what doesn't faster.

  • Turn your application into an omni-channel , end-to-end service experience that helps your customers progress holistically.

  • Transform your brand message into a flexible design system that considers universal graphic design, usability, motion and typographic principles—on any digital platform, including web, iOS and Android.



As we expanded our new customer discovery service, we had to learn the language, concepts and methods our potential clients were using. After joint workshops with Andrej we were able to redirect our sales approach and grow many new relationships successfully.

Jörg Heilmann – Senior Solutions Engineer at Applause, a testing services provider



Case studies


Finding ways out of car dependency

I helped create an on-demand alternative to cars for commuters, children and their parents living in suburban areas.


No more queueing at grocery stores

We redesigned the checkout experience at retail stores to help customers save money and time.


Bringing factory workers and machines closer together

Throughout several projects and 18+ months spent at various factories, we helped the client to understand the importance of people on their path to an increasingly digitized production process.