Mental Wellbeing

What if you could learn manage your stress with professional guidance and no strings attached?

Service Design, business design, ux and VISUAL

A mental wellbeing and coaching platform


During this IXDS project, we created a personal health service concept to help our client tread new paths.

Picture of the result

Key challenges


Identify growth opportunities in a new market and come up with possible product concepts.

— Design a prototype of the selected concept to validate its desirability.

— Sketch out a platform business model that is valuable for all participants.

Demonstrate the service concept to attract potential investors and team members.



How it works


Reflecta is a tool that makes focused self-reflection easier and more accessible.

At its core is a guided personal journal that can accommodate a variety of self-reflection exercises and challenges from professional coaches as well as insights into tracked activity data.

On the other end, coaches can generate passive income and scale their reach by offering their tools and knowledge on an integrated marketplace. This makes coaching more affordable than ever.  

My role

I was mainly responsible for distilling the research and strategic input from previous sprints into the interactive prototype displayed here (UX and UI). Secondly, I proposed a model for valuing interactions between platform participants as a draft for a possible platform business model. I collaborated closely with a freelance business designer and a creative technologist, taking on the creative leadership throughout the process.

All choices have been reduced to offer a simple starting experience that the

Reflect and grow with reflecta

What you see here is an interactive, Android prototype of the service Reflecta we used to validate the concept. The service allows users to gain insight into their lives through an expandable diary and a well of interesting content and methods made by professional coaches.

illustration_phone_0001_State 2.jpg

It’s a diary. And more.

Test users were able to navigate and answer diary freely. Their responses could be analyzed to reveal their sentiment using Microsoft Azure sentiment analysis (thanks to our creative technologist Joan Perals who made it this possible).

illustration_phone_State 3.jpg

better insights through correlation

Instead of visualizing only singular sets of data, Reflecta brings data into correlation to reveal more. For example, by comparing planned time the actual time spent doing various activities, users are able to adjust their planning and leave enough space for family or breaks.

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Coaching changes everything

Besides using the app as a self-reflection diary, users can engage with coaches at the pace that feels right for them. From weekly challenges, to guides, diary prompts, and 1:1 asynchronous exchange, coaching becomes more approachable than ever.

We created a value map that shows how value creation is enabled for different platform participants. It also highlights possible revenue channels.

We created a value map that shows how value creation is enabled for different platform participants. It also highlights possible revenue channels.





3 innovation projects with 3 sprints and a refinement phase each. Just in this project we explored 7 different opportunity areas from redesigning death to keeping workers and thus businesses healthy.

My role

In the research phase, I brought a new set of eyes and a handful of honest tips and ideas to help steer the concept towards something more engaging than a simple data visualization app. Turning the previous concept into a guided journal allowed us to focus less on technology and create a concept that is engaging daily and lowers the barriers of entry to professional coaching, instead.